Landis 12 Outsole Stitcher thermoform plastic products
Landis 12 Outsole Stitcher

Landis 12 Outsole Stitcher

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thermoform plastic products Landis 12 Outsole Stitcher

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- Landis 12 Outsole Stitcher

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Landis International is the #1 North American manufacturer and single source provider of machinery, equipment and parts catering to the Shoe Repair, Orthopedic and Prosthetic industries.

The Landis Outsole Stitcher has been a prime favourite among shoe repair craftsmen for many years because of its all around efficiency and capability of producing excellent work for stitching welted shoes.

At Landis International, you can find such a high quality Outsole Stitcher and you can also find any parts for this machine. When looking for a specific Landis 12 part, the Landis International customer service team will assist you finding the correct part and they will send it over right away if available. We also carry other Outsole Stitchers such as the American St -Louis, the Rapid E and the Sutton 317.

Landis International keeps a wide variety of brand-new and reconditioned equipments, tools & parts in stock to answer all of your shoe repair needs.

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thermoform plastic products
thermoform plastic products


Landis 12 Outsole Stitcher

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